Spend your leisure time having fun instead of cleaning!

RVs and Cottages
An RV or cottage is your home away from home. Keep the dirt at the door and not on the floor by using Amazing Mats in the same logical locations in your vacation home as you do in your regular home to maintain your standard of clean living.
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Having an Amazing Mat on your boat deck where passengers board and exit will reduce any dirt, wet and debris from coming into your boat. The PVC-FREE rubber backing prevents water from seeping through the bottom of the mat, so the mat won’t slip and slide out from under you.
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It’s no secret that we use our cars almost as much as we use our homes. It’s also no secret that our car interiors get dirtly quickly, especially if you have muddy paws, kids or both coming in and out. Having an Amazing Mat on your car floor or on the back seat can save you the hassle of constant cleaning. Mud, water, dirt, sand, grass, pine needles and more are easily absorbed or trapped in the microfibres, which prevents hours of vacuuming and shampooing that still may not remove stains on seat upholstery or car mats.
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Whether you’re on your daily commute, enjoying a weekend of boating or spending a couple of weeks at the cottage, the Amazing Mat simplifies your life. The more Amazing Mats you have, the less time you will invest in cleaning, the less money you will spend replacing carpets and mats.