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Falls are the most common cause of injuries in homes and can occur frequently in businesses as well. Falls can cause hospitalization and disabilities. Anything from a small amount of water to loose, dry dirt on the floor can cause a person to slip or lose their balance. With its high absorbency and ability to trap dirt, having Amazing Mats strategically placed around the home and business may help reduce these types of falls.
Entryways are the most common areas to place an Amazing Mat. The top fibres absorb almost all of the of water and dirt just by walking over it and the anti-slip rubber bottom is means family, guests, pets or customers can safely walk on the mat without it sliding out from under them. The Amazing Mat is even good with wheels on bundle buddies, walkers and wheelchairs. The mat keeps road dirt and mud from entering the house and remains flat and secure.
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Other common accident prone-areas are bathrooms and kitchens due to all the water that is used in those areas. Place an Amazing Mat at sinks to absorb water that tends to drip onto the floor from washing hands, fruit, veggies and dishes or just simply by getting a drink from the tap. Place beside tubs to avoid slipping on the floor after a shower or bath. You can also use it to absorb most of the water that drips off of your pets after giving them a bath.
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Got a hot tub, pool or sauna?

Use Amazing Mat to absorb excess water to prevent slips and falls moving from the water into the house.
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