We are thrilled with what folks are saying about Amazing Mat!

We have 2 dogs—that’s eight wet feet!! We LOVE our Amazing Mat. It keeps our floors clean and dry—especially dry! Worth every cent.
Nias M, Oakville

I love the mats. They perform as demonstrated—Extremely well!
Mary E., Toronto

I purchased a large Amazing Mat at the recent Toronto Home Show and it is truly AMAZING! I have two dogs and thought it seemed like a great idea but I am happy to report that it has more than exceeded my expectations! I have just placed an order for the extra large runner and am looking forward to using this through the winter to keep the hardwood floors clean when bringing the dogs in from their morning and evening walks! Great product that really works!
Susan D., Toronto

As soon as I got home from Winter Woofstock, I set up my three mats and tested them out. Great product! My dogs ran in and out for the evenings and their paws were perfect!
Maria O., Toronto

While at the CottageLife Show I bought one of your Amazing Mats for my back door. I have two dogs and this mat is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! Especially now with the muddy back yard! I like them so much I am ordering two more for our cottage!
Heather C., Oakville

I first came across Amazing Mat at the Cottage & Backyard Show. I was skeptical that it would work as well as the demonstration showed. Well, I am happy to admit that it really does work! I have 3 kids and a husband that are always tracking dirt into the house. This has significantly cut down on the dirt in my house. It works so well, I have one for my cottage as well!
Janna G., Ottawa